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Q: Why does Pericle: Gathering Darkness have such a high price tag?


Pericle: Gathering Darkness might raise an eyebrow with its price tag, but fear not, adventurer! There's hidden treasure within these hefty boxes. Let's explore why this game isn't simply expensive, but an investment in rich gameplay and replayability.


Three-in-One Experience

This isn't just one game; it's 3 products! You get:

  • Pericle Core: The RPG game engine that drives your adventures, complete with 50 high-quality maps, Rulebook, Hero Handbook (a hero-building resource), dice, a starter set of acrylic standees to represent your heroes, 6 pre-generated heroes and cheat sheets.

  • Gathering Darkness: A sprawling campaign, comparable to a D&D epic, meticulously crafted with over 400,000 words of branching story, rivaling a hefty novel. Imagine six Pathfinder modules seamlessly woven together, exceeding their combined cost of $150!

  • Physical Riches for the Gathering Darkness portion:

    • Pre-drawn maps: Unfurl stunning battlefields for each encounter.

    • Enemy standees: Face off against vivid, full color miniature foes.

    • Secret envelopes: Unveil plot twists that heighten the excitement.

    • Loremaster: Your digital gamemaster, an intricate software web-app that orchestrates the story.

Value Beyond Compare

  • 60+ hours of core campaign: That's just the average time to play the campaign once! Most adventurers embark on a second journey, easily surpassing 100 hours.​​
  • Extensive hero creation & advancement: A game within the game, offering endless customization and strategic depth.
  • Future Adventures: Soon, separate adventures will be released, offering more affordable entry points into Pericle's world.
  • Community-Crafted Content: Prepare for a wave of user-generated campaigns, potentially at lower prices, expanding the Pericle universe even further.

Not Just a Game, but an Investment


Pericle isn't a fleeting experience; it's a commitment to epic adventures, shared stories, and endless character possibilities. While its price may seem hefty, compare it to games gathering dust after just a few playtimes. Pericle delivers hours upon hours of immersive entertainment, making it a true value proposition for dedicated adventurers.

So, brave adventurers, fear not the cost! Within Pericle lies a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unearthed. Embrace the journey, and discover the true riches hidden within this extraordinary game.

Q: Why isn't there a downloadable app?


We have intentionally created a web-app because it is much easier to deploy and maintain content. We monitor player progress and note where players struggle or where the adventure is too easy. We note unpopular choices. We use this feedback to adjust the story and game difficulties. The game is a living adventure - we keep improving it. This is much easier to do with a web app. And it's much more difficult to change content with a downloaded app. If we had gone with a downloadable application we would not be updating the story nearly as often.

For this reason, a webapp gives our players a much better experience because we are creating a better adventure.
There isn't a risk of the webapp not being available someday. The cost to maintain a server to run the app is trivial, so we won't take it down. Furthermore, in the future we plan to enable 3rd parties to deploy their own adventures and content on our platform. When we do that we will also have hosting redundancy, so no matter the state of Long Dog Games, others can host Pericle adventures - and their own adventures.

Q: Where can I buy the Magic Item Compendium?


Unfortunately, the Magic Item Compendium was a limited-release exclusive that accompanied our first Kickstarter and we do not have plans to sell it again. However, all magic items available for play in the Gathering Darkness campaign will appear within Loremaster as you go through the adventure, so you don't miss out. We do plan to release a different magic item book in our next Kickstarter in 2024. Both of these companion books only contain fun extras and are not necessary for playing Pericle. Loremaster will indicate when you find or can buy magic items during your Gathering Darkness quest.

Q: What's the plan for future Pericle content?


Gathering Darkness is the first in a series of adventures in the lands of Pericle. We have future plans to release additional campaigns, as well as some smaller projects that will be coming up sooner. We also have dreams of enabling third party content on Loremaster so that players can build and run their own homebrew campaigns using Pericle mechanics.

Q: Where can I find the updated rulebooks and pregens?


Please go to the Loremaster home screen and click "More" in the bottom right corner of the parchment menu. Here you will see links to the revised Hero Handbook, revised Rulebook, updated pre-generated hero sheets, additional blank hero sheets, and more downloadable content. 

Q: What is the recommended minimum age for playing Pericle?


Pericle is a gritty world, so we recommend players be at least 13 years old to play. Adventurers encounter themes like violence, oppression, and evil. However, players are not empowered to do evil deeds themselves. They only have opportunities to choose the path of justice or a neutral path, which is why it is not rated Mature. 

Q: I noticed an error in Loremaster or in the printed materials. What should I do? 


Please report software bugs using the "bug" icon in the top center of the screen in Loremaster. For printed materials errata, please go to the Loremaster main screen and click "More", then "Errata" to check if it has already been reported and what the correction should be. If it is not listed, please let us know by email. Updated and correct versions of the Rulebook and Hero Handbook are also available to view under the "More" tab in Loremaster. 

Q: Why are my acrylic standees in my game so blurry?


The acrylic standees each have a plastic film applied during manufacturing to protect the artwork in transit. The film can be peeled off using one of the hex bases. 

Q: Do I have to download the Loremaster app?


Loremaster is a web app, so it only works with internet access and in a web browser. It does not exist as a mobile app as it is not compatible with such a small screen. We recommend using a laptop or tablet to run Loremaster. 

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