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Over 2,000 games sold!


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  • App-assisted roleplaying game

  • No GM necessary!

  • Immersive story

  • Classless hero creation system

  • Easy setup

  • Great game for few players




  • Dims: 36.5x31.5x10 cm / 14.4x12.4x4 in

  • Weight: 6 kg / 13.2 lbs




  • The First Edition of Pericle + Access to Loremaster, the App-Led Game Master

  • The Gathering Darkness Campaign with 100+ Hours of Gameplay

  • Pericle Rulebook - the Guide to the Game

  • Hero Handbook - the Guide to Classless Hero Creation

  • One Set of Pericle Dice

  • 50 Combat Maps

  • 74 Standees with Removable Bases

  • 15 Blank Hero Sheets

  • 5 Pre-generated Heroes

  • 5 Combat Cheat Sheets

  • Envelopes with Secret Reveals


Is Pericle: Gathering Darkness the only campaign?

Pericle: Gathering Darkness is the first of many planned campaigns. Long Dog Games will publish further adventures within the world of Pericle. 

How does Loremaster work?

Loremaster is an app that eliminates the need for a Game Master. It presents the story through rich dialogue, video & narration scenes, and gorgeous art. Choose-your-own-adventure style decisions alter players' path through the story, and are all tracked automatically. In addition to this, Loremaster guides players through combat scenarios to facilitate the aspects of the game that play out on the tabletop.

Will third party content be published on Loremaster?

Long Dog Games plans to offer tools to allow third parties to publish their own content in Loremaster in the future.

How to Play


The Pericle: Gathering Darkness story unfolds inside Loremaster, our companion app. Loremaster presents everything to players, from soundtrack to cutscenes. Most importantly, Loremaster relays story arcs and decisions for your group of heroes to make.

Pericle: Gathering Darkness isn't just about combat; mystery, political intrigue, and exploration all await you from the moment you set foot in the Jarin Isles... But along the way, you're bound to come into conflict with a host of enemies. When combat is inevitable, Loremaster will bring up the combat screen!

Combat Setup

Setup for combat is quick and simple! Loremaster will tell you which map to use, where to place enemies, and where you can place your own heroes.

After laying out the battle map and placing the figures, it's time for the battle to begin.


Both heroes and enemies roll Initiative at the beginning of each round using the Action Dice. The side that wins initiative gets to move first and set the pace for the round, so it's a huge advantage!

Fighting Pits_edited.jpg


The side that wins initiative moves into position first. Once they finish, the other team moves, typically to defend against the other team's tactics.

Movement covers two actions - physically moving around the game map as well as embattling enemies, which locks them in combat. Heroes get to decide the order in which their party members act in order to set up successful strategies like ambushes and counter moves.

The Movement phase is the strategic opening of each round, setting teams up for later attacks and reactions.


This is where heroes and enemies attack with weapons, cast spells, defend, or further maneuver around the map.

After all available combatants have had a turn and the Battle Phase has been resolved, Initiative is rolled to begin the next round of combat!