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In our second Pericle tabletop RPG product and the first of its kind, embark on a perilous journey into the legendary Labyrinth of Porta, where daring adventurers face the ultimate test: a rite of passage by choice, not chance. Locked within its twisting corridors, you and your band of heroes must navigate a gauntlet of cunning traps and monstrous denizens. Amidst the dangers lies the promise of untold wealth, a tantalizing reward to beckon adventurers.

PERICLE: LABYRINTH is a tabletop RPG led by a game master app, Loremaster. The action unfolds as Loremaster sets the scene, displays combat instructions, and controls enemy actions. Players battle with formidable foes on the tabletop with maps, dice, and standees. Traditional board game elements meet the ease of an app game master. No prep time needed before a session - set up is quick and easy, and everyone gets to play!

This expansion is for players who already own Gathering Darkness. It does NOT include the Pericle Core Game system, rulebooks, or dice. This expansion only includes a handful of generic enemy standees; it does not include unique standees for all of the foes you will encounter in the Labyrinth. REQUIRES PERICLE: GATHERING DARKNESS. This project was funded on Kickstarter April 30th, 2024 and will be fulfilled after development and manufacturing, estimated May 2025.

Pericle: Labyrinth Expansion (2025)

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