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Over 1,100 sold on Kickstarter!

No GM Required

Play solo and with friends

Perfect for when your full gaming group isn't available

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“This is the one game you can’t do without! I’m voting Pericle for GOTY!”

Kurt W.

“I'm so excited to play this! I’m having so much fun building my character!”

Kevin V.

"We play Pericle when our DM wants a break or if we don't have enough people for D&D."

Jake C.

"Pericle is a great way to teach RPG campaigning to new players"


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Experience the world of Pericle through Loremaster, which presents the Gathering Darkness campaign through rich narratives, animated cutscenes, breathtaking art, and an original soundtrack.

Choose Your Path

The world is rich with history, culture, factions, politics, religions and NPCs. Most importantly, Loremaster’s branching storylines change according to player choice, - your decisions shape the world of Pericle!

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Hero Creation

  • Classless creation system

  • Build unique characters

  • Change heroes or builds mid-campaign

  • 5 pre-generated heroes available for beginners

Tabletop Combat

  • Strategic mechanics for tactical combat

  • Enemies controlled by Loremaster

  • Easy setup and takedown

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Gathering Darkness is the 1st of many campaigns

~ 1 hour to play each session, 100+ hours of gameplay to finish the Gathering Darkness campaign

IDEAL for small groups & when your traditional RPG gaming group can't play

Rich world of lore, culture, creatures, history, religions and NPCs

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The core game has everything you need to play.

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A computer or tablet sits at the table so that Loremaster can serve the role of Game Master

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Launch Loremaster, which guides you through the adventures as a Game Master would.


Have fun solo and with friends!

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Pericle: Gathering Darkness is a bold new tabletop RPG that combines a fantasy RPG world with a ground-breaking app called Loremaster. App-driven gameplay presents the campaign, which takes away the need for a Game Master, and offers branching storylines so that player decisions impact and change the world around them.


Dice-based combat and important story decisions anchor Pericle: Gathering Darkness in the realm of classic RPG gaming, while streamlined mechanics and a classless hero creation system give players the freedom to engage in tactical combat using totally unique characters. The world of Pericle awaits!

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