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Story Driven RPG

Pericle is a quadrilogy; it’s an epic legacy role playing game spread out over 4 extensive adventure paths. Players participate in the story, and character choices influence the outcome. Character development is a key component of the game. Each adventure path takes characters from beginner to heroic levels. New characters are used for each adventure - and all 4 stories are woven together in an epic saga.


Key Pillars of the Game

Pericle does not require a Game Master. Instead, in order to tell this saga, the Pericle software engine uses a mixture of active menu choices and digital videos to relay a story rich with intrigue, history, factions and NPCs.


Pericle is a tabletop role playing game, not a video game. It’s built upon decades of rules enhancement. The setup for encounters is easy because there is a unique battlemap for each encounter, more than 80 battlemaps in total!

Are you intrepid enough to save the world?

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Game Trailer

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