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Save the world of Pericle… or let it fall into shadow?

Pericle: Gathering Darkness is a bold new tabletop RPG that combines a fantasy RPG world with a ground-breaking app called Loremaster. App-driven gameplay presents the campaign, which takes away the need for a Game Master, and offers branching storylines so that player decisions impact and change the world around them.


Dice-based combat and important story decisions anchor Pericle: Gathering Darkness in the realm of classic RPG gaming, while streamlined mechanics and a classless hero creation system give players the freedom to engage in tactical combat using totally unique characters. The world of Pericle awaits!

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A New Way to RPG

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Our groundbreaking app, Loremaster, acts as a Game Master so that everyone at the table can adventure together, game setup is quick, and there's no game prep! Loremaster also:

  • ​Sets scenes for gameplay

  • ​Tracks game progress

  • ​Presents dynamic combat and enemy tactics

  • ​Narrates the story and NPCs with high-quality voice acting

  • ​And immerses you with animated cutscenes and an original soundtrack

What’s in the Box?

Pericle: Gathering Darkness includes everything you need to play*. Purchase includes the core came components plus access to the Loremaster app (no subscription required) and related digital content.


  • Access to Loremaster with 50+ hours of gameplay

  • Hero Handbook to facilitate classless hero creation

  • Pericle Rulebook

  • Pericle dice set

  • 25 double-sided combat maps in full color

  • 75 hero and enemy standees

  • Hero sheets

  • 5-pregenerated heroes

  • Combat cheat sheets

* Device not included. Game requires a device and a stable internet connection to play.

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How to Play

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Create the hero you’ve always wanted

Pericle heroes are not restricted by character classes so you can create one-of-a-kind adventurers with unique sets of skills and powers.

Become an armor-clad mage who channels elemental fury, an axe wielding summoner, or a light-footed duelist with spells that disarm and disrupt enemies… The possibilities are endless!

A New Way to RPG with an App-Driven Game Master

The most defining feature of Pericle: Gathering Darkness is Loremaster, the game’s innovative companion app.

Loremaster acts as the Game Master. It spins the tale, immersing players in the world of Pericle with a dynamic soundtrack, cut scenes, and artwork. Loremaster provides players the opportunity to make impactful decisions that will decide their fate and change the course of the game’s narrative… for better or for worse.

Players can access Loremaster on computer or tablet, and the app saves the party’s progress for future sessions. The Gathering Darkness campaign will have over 200 hours of gameplay, all contained in and orchestrated by Loremaster.

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Third Party Content

This release of Pericle: Gathering Darkness will not allow for third party content. However, a subsequent release will allow YOU to create your own adventures and upload them to the Loremaster app, including storylines, decisions, foes, maps,  art, videos and battles!

We can’t wait for you to enrich our world with your own stories... and that day will come!

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